How Private Mortgage Lending Benefits You

When it comes to diversifying your funds and investing in real estate, you really have two choices.

  • You can do it all yourself or
  • You can choose private mortgage lending and take all of the hassles and time commitment out of the equation.

When you decide to work with Infinite Property Solutions, LLC, you become apart of our repeatable real estate investment formula, meaning you do NOT have to…

  • Fill out mountains of bank paperwork to try and arrange your own financing
  • Spend countless hours researching which investing strategies and markets make the most investment sense
  • Spend even more hours locating a property that fits into your investment goals
  • Hassle with getting renovation bids
  • Find reputable contractors
  • Managing the project by monitoring contractors, subcontractors, timelines and budgets
  • Invest your time and money into marketing the property for resale or rent
  • Waste your time driving to the property and meeting with prospective tenants or buyers
  • Manage your day-to-day operations of your investment property. Do you really want to get a call in the middle of the night about a plumbing problem?

Private Mortgage Investing = Headache Free Strategy

There are many benefits to investing in real estate; however, with the numerous amount of real estate investing strategies available, one thing is for sure, they are NOT all created equal in terms of potential stress, headaches, and time commitment. Hopefully this point was well illustrated in the previous section.

Our #1 goal is to eliminate all stress and headaches from your real estate investing  life. As far as “time commitment” is concerned, the only time we want you spending with your investment is the time it takes you to walk to your mailbox and pick up your monthly check.

Even within the world of real estate private lending (mortgage investing), there is another choice that needs to be made. The next thing you need to ask yourself is…

The ‘When’ Question

The key factor in this scenario is the answer to the question: “when” is  the private money loan being made? 

Depending on “when” the money is loaned is going to dictate the type of potential phone calls you get from that real estate investor. For instance, let’s say you loan money to Investor Headache before the property has been bought and fixed, and you loan money to Infinite Property Solutions, LLC  after the property has been bought, fixed, and sold. Now, ask yourself what set of phone calls you would like to receive:

Potential Phone Call #1

  • Investor Headache –  I underestimated the renovation budget, I need more money.
  • Infinite Property Solutions – no phone call. Renovations already completed.

Potential Phone Call #2

  • Investor Headache –  I ran into an unknown surprise after tearing open a wall, I need more money.
  • Infinite Property Solutions – no phone call. All surprises already dealt with and paid for.

Potential Phone Call #3

  • Investor Headache –  I overestimated the value of the finished home. (translation: I paid too much for the home. I need to raise the price and HOPE I can get it sold/rented.)
  • Infinite Property Solutions – no phone call. We already know the value since it has already been sold.

Potential Phone Call #4

  • Investor Headache –  I can’t get the home sold/rented. Because I overvalued the house, the time it has taken to try and sell/rent has been much longer than I thought, so now my “cushion funds” to pay you are all spent. You can have the home back since you have 1st lien on it. (translation: thanks for putting up with all the stress I’ve caused and taking all the risk with your money. You can have back the house that is not worth all the money I put into it.)
  • Infinite Property Solutions – to what address would you like your monthly check sent?

The key distinction between us and most other real estate investors is that we use our OWN money UPFRONT to buy, fix and get the house sold. To start your investment profile, click here.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Even if you are not interested in our private lending program, we’re still more than willing to assist you with any questions you may have. You can reach us at 703 729 2185.