Infinite Property Solutions – We are in Business To Help People!!

IPS_logoWe are a network of Real Estate Investors and Agents who share resources to get the most of great deals in the Washington DC area.

We are all active in Real Estate Industry Networks with access to funds and partners to get your next project finished quickly and efficiently.

We specialize in Rehabilitation of Single Family Homes, but we don’t exclude ourselves from commercial or multifamily deals that need experience and/or money to get the project completed.

Our Mission

Infinite Property Solutions is a real estate management and investment company that acquires, develops and manages properties throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Our core business is the management of and investment in single family, multi-family, assisted living, and commercial properties which are syner
gistic with our skills and experience.

Our mission is to create partnerships and provide leadership that result in successful business ventures, thriving residential communities, prosperous commercial properties, and enriching work environments. We strive to create long-term sustainable value for our investors through strategic asset growth, increased profitability and the capture of value added opportunities.  

Our stakeholders include our employees, owners, business partners, residents, vendors and suppliers, as well as, the property owners, government agencies, regulators, and lenders.  Individually and collectively, the interests, goals, and objectives of all stakeholders are important to the success of our company.

  • We conduct our business with integrity, vision, and compassion.
  • We listen to the goals of our stakeholders and align our resources to exceed these goals.
  • We create an environment that empowers employees, rewards innovation, solves problems, and gives precedence to residents.
  • We are committed to developing employees and creating teams to exceed industry standards.
  • We are selective and purposeful when evaluating new business opportunities.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. No emails or social media. We are real people that want to hear your success stories, project issues and financial goals, We are in business to help people. Call us. You will always talk to a live person and you will have any emergencies responded to within 24 hours.

Call us at (703) 729 2185

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