7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your Next Home – The First Mistake


Buyer Mistake #1To Avoid:  Having the “Wrong” Pre-Approval
Not all pre-approvals are created equal.  The best way to win a contract is to have a strong pre-approval that stands apart from the buyer competition.  Some consumers simply ask for a pre-approval and walk around with it and it says “TDB” or “To Be Determined” and then present it with their offer.  The problem is twofold here.  First the pre-approval could be dated since it has been in hand for a while and not updated.  Your pre-approvals need to be fresh becasue with guidelines changing what seems to be by the minute, your pre-approval loses credibility without a fresh date on it.  Secondly, when there is not the actual address on the pre-approval the seller does not know the last time you checked in with your lender because their address is not listed on it.  If another buyer has a fresh date and specific offer address on their pre-approval, then your chances of winning the contract have gone down.
Lastly, make sure that if you are looking to buy a foreclosed property that you know what the sellers side wants to see on the pre-approval which can be different yet again.  Make sure you work with a team that knows the pre-approval rope to get you to the finish line.  We buy every type of real estate help property and know what you need to look like to put your best foot forward.
Contact our approval team today so they can fine tune your best approach as well as locate the best real estate deals to fit your needs. 
Dave Ramirez

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