7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your Next Home – The Third Mistake


Buyer Mistake #3 To Avoid:  Buying Too Soon
You have to fight the urge to buy.  Most want to move into their home and have all the home ownership trimmings bought and ready to drop into place 1 hour after closing.  We understand, but this can derail any strong contract due to last minute lender approval changes.  Today lenders can and will re-pull your credit right before closing to make sure nothing new has hit your credit.  If so, then they can send you back through another approval process which could cause you to miss your closing date.  Your score could drop and you may not qualify or your rates could go up.   And lastly your debt ratio could change and you no longer income qualify.
New activity on your credit could drop your score and take you from approved to “Suspended” status and could cause you to miss your closing date.  There is nothing worse than losing your home purchase and having to return the items that caused the avoidable problem in the first place. 
Contact us today and ask about our “Approval Now” program where we give you the market fresh blueprint to a smooth and confident closing that avoids the approval pitfalls that our informed buyers don’t have to worry about.
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